Evolving & Growing

At work, I have started taking part of a development group that meets the last Tuesday of every month. Its been a really great experience looking for ways to constantly challenge myself as a leader as well as learning to improve my own personal development. I figure I can see myself sticking around this job long-term, so why not find room and ways to grow. Tonight was especially good. One of my fellow Office Specialist shared tonight about her own personal developmental journey. To hear her story simply fascinated me and it was a good reminder to me about how little we really do know about the people who surround us on a daily basis. I knew a few good tidbits about the woman who shared her story with us tonight, but I was shocked to learn how much I didn't know about her; I was in awe of just how much life she had already lived. Now, I wouldn't call this lady old by any means, in fact, I believe she has a much younger spirit then myself, but I was blown away by all the things she had already done in her life and the places she had gone. 
The thing that got me the most about her story was how much she loved her story. 
As she spoke, you could sense that every career decision she had made was ones that she had really enjoyed and the funny thing is, not one of those moves were exactly in the same direction but they all somehow intertwined to get her to where she is today. I think the reason this particular story touched so close to my heart is the basic fact that I feel like I'm still searching, still trying to figure it all out. I felt comfort from the story knowing that I don't have to figure out what I want to do exactly 25 years from now, but instead, I can follow my passions now and if its God willing, I too will end up with the right results in 25 years. 

One thing my fellow Specialist suggested us to do is to: 
1) Reflect back upon the things we wanted to do when we were younger. 
2) List out our Hobbies & our Passions. Then she suggested really looking at those, along with our natural strengths to really see what it is we wanted to do. What drives us, motivates us, speaks to us? What were we passionate about a child when we had no restraints or limitations on our dreams and imagination
 I wanted to be a Pediatrician. 
Now, not so much but its interesting to think back to WHY I wanted to be a Pediatrician. 
I think even as a little kid I wanted to make a difference in this world. 
I thing thats something I still feel really strongly about.

 In our careers we are constantly evolving and changing. I mean, it really does make sense. I'm not the same person I was five years ago, so why would I expect to be exactly the same person over the next 25 years [not saying that there is anything wrong with working the same job for 25 years, but more on the basic fact that there are 25 years to grow well where one has been planted...I think we should ever stop growing]. 

 My dad is a key example of the evolving process in careers. As far as I can remember he's done everything from irrigation to security to being a youth pastor to a deputy to a head chaplaincy. He'll tell you the same thing, Every job he has had has led him to have the skills and abilities to do the job he currently faces. Every twist and turn has got him to exactly where he needed to be. 

As for right now, I'm trusting that I'm heading in a right direction towards quite an awesome future.

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