Weekends make me want Oreos.


We had a really awesome time this weekend, but man, did it wipe me out.
On Friday, D had a banquet that was a Murder Mystery Party and a FNL event [think SNL] at the school that kept us out until 2 in the morning. 
Jake's band also played which always makes for a good time.
On Saturday, I woke up and worked on homework all morning, then went with D to another event at the school, and ended the evening at a friend's housewarming party.
On Sunday, We woke up and went to church and I spent the rest of the afternoon having some much needed friend time. We went to see Spring Breakers... it was one of the top worst movies I've ever seen. Really. Don't waste your time.
By the time I got home Sunday evening, I was absolutely wore out.
Then today occurred which was its usual busy type of Monday.
I had all intentions of going to yoga tonight but instead I came home, ate some oreos, and took a nap.
Sometimes moments like this are just needed.

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