Pink Eye Kind of Day

This morning I woke up with my eye swollen shut.
I decided that in this instance is was probably a probable cause for a trip to see the doctor.
Needless to say, an hour later I was diagnosed with pink eye and sent away with eye drops.
So now I'm holed up in my house all day, highly contagious and watching Netflix.
Jake is keeping a six foot distance from me, confining himself to his room AKA nap time and the dogs are driving me absolutely crazy in their excitement that I am home for the entire day.
The dogs don't care if I have a freaky swollen eye or the fact that I am highly contaminated. 
They just want to run around and play.
The day kind of sucks, especially because this is not the kind of stay-at-home type of day that I would usually enjoy, but at least it gives me an opportunity to catch up on homework and the sleep I missed from my lovely swollen eye.

Oh Pink Eye, how I loathe thee.

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  1. AHH, I just had pink eye last Friday! The only good news is those drops will make your eye feel SO MUCH better.

    It's so gross, isn't it? So goopy!

    1. The doctor said it was going around on adults! The eye drops have definitely help-- I woke up this morning barely able to see out of my right eye & by the time I got to the doctor, she said it was starting to spread to the other eye UGH.

      So gross!!


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