Yoga Dog

Tonight I decided to do some yoga at home.
It's one of those nights that I was just ready to be home to relax.
I'm still recovering from my pink eye epidemic and frankly just felt exhausted after this long week.
D ran off with the yoga mats in his car so I found a towel and decided to get started.
Needless to say, I forgot to mention to my needy dog that I was planning on doing yoga tonight.
He kept trying to use my towel as a bed then attempted to get my attention the whole entire time I was going through the process of my yoga poses.
Literally at one point I had my legs spread out, my hands angled out and a dog walking underneath my arms.
I don't know about you but I find getting barked at & licked so relaxing.
Oh that dog of mine.

As for this weekend,
I'm excited! 
Fingers crossed for a weekend lacking in rain with an abundance of beautiful weather & sunshine.
a girl can dream.

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1 comment:

  1. Been there! When I first got pregnant I got this great pregnancy yoga book and set up a wonderful little area in our spare bedroom with my mat and pillows and candles...but each night when I'd try to do some yoga, the dog thought it was an invitation to join in! I would be "cooling down" and she'd either snuggled in or just step on top of me! Hard to truly relax!!!


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