Oh hey there...

So I don't really know what happened to me this week.
I feel I just got caught up in the chaos we like to refer to as everyday life.
There's been a lot of deadlines & homework assignments as well as half marathon training & spending time with friends & family.
Before I knew it, it was already the weekend and time to refresh for another busy week.

Yesterday D's volleyball girls had a scrimmage; it's exciting watching them get ready for another upcoming season. I'm so excited to see how they'll do this year!
After the scrimmage was over, D was ready to get home so we grabbed some Chinese Take Out and vegged out until we crashed for the night.
This morning I slept in a little and went out on a ten miles run with the pups. 
Even though it was gloomy outside, it felt great taking some time for me and just enjoying being outside watching spring slowly roll out.
I just love my weekends.

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