Crepes & the Weekends

I'm kind of a big fan of unexpected girl's days, especially when they include laughter & brunch, especially when its a crepe related type of brunch.

On Sunday, my sister texted me that she was planning on coming up to Columbus to go to church with me. It's still kind of different having Ash back within a close distance, but I loved getting a chance to finally spend time with her again. Once Ash got to the house, Abby woke up & threw on some clothes and we headed out on our little venture.
We decided after our church service that we were hungry and caffeine deprived (well I was at any rate) so I decided it was due time to introduce the girls to The Village Crepe over in Pickerington.
This particular restaurant is a great hole in the wall in the downtown Pickerington area and their crepes are incredible!
This particular visit I settled on a crepe filled with gruyere & goat cheese as well as asparagus & mushroom and for my slightly sweet tooth, I decided on an espresso creme crepe topped with chocolate drizzle and fresh raspberries.
Abby tried the salted caramel crepe & Ashley tried a fruit crepe & a 4 cheese crepe.
Basically, we stuffed our faces with pieces of heaven and enjoyed a beautiful type of Sunday.
And as for the rest of the weekend, well it was filled with more awesome types of food, friends, charity events, food poisoning (from some of this amazing weekend food- poor Dave!), relaxation, homework projects, and volleyball.

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