I wish I had something exciting to tell you today, like some super awesome dramatic type of story,
But alas,
My day would run a little more something like this:

+ I woke up late today and scrambled to get to work this morning.
+ It was so busy at work today, I didn't get time to drink my tea until my lunch break which is neither good for myself nor my patients.
+ I played rush & roulette with my gas tank and won, but just barely. 
+ I finally have a night to choose whatever I want on the television when I got home today since all the roommate are away...and of course, there's nothing on! So here I sit now watching Bring It On... for the twentieth time in my life... and it makes me think back to my middle school & high school days where we would act out the first scene in our rooms [you know the beginning where each cheerleader is introducing herself]. The good ol' days.
+ D & Jake calling to tell me they bought matching smart cars and I just about strung there necks...not that I have anything against smart cars, but I may never trust them to go car shopping together ever again. But really, no cars were bought today. [good one boys]
+ My laziness has contributed to a Chipotle dinner. I call this a win.

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