Brain Overload

Lately to me, it just feels that time is flying by so quickly.
I've felt these days I hardly have time to think, let alone breathe.
Everyday I'm coming home to do something... homework, so many meetings, half marathon training, car shopping, etc & so forth.
It's just been a rapid whirlwind of events.
And to be frank, it kind of sucks.
I feel I've barely been a part of my school events & homework assignments... it just feels like my minds not there and I can't seem to focus.
I feel like I'm not sleeping well, thank you insomnia.
I feel like I've had no real quality time with my husband, and that sucks for a girl who who's love language is quality time. 
I just feel that life is changing and moving so much quicker than I just can't seem to keep up with it all.
I'm just a little overwhelmed.

I can sense it through.
I know I'm a little overloaded.
Today I came home and took a really long nap.
I never nap.

And today, there's been just another tinge of sadness.
I won't get all mushy here, but long story short, D & I's really great friends are moving to Chicago.
I know it's still in driving distance & despite them being gone, it really doesn't change things... but well, I'm just going to miss them a lot.
I just hate being distant from really great people.

But you know, 
There's some cool things too.
Today, we finally decided on a car.
It's been a little bit of a challenge lately trying to commute to and from with only one car available between D & I,
But we finally decided on an old Subaru and D couldn't be happier.
He got into that car yesterday and I guess the decision was pretty much made.
D finally got his roof rack.

So I don't know,
I think this is just another season of life,
But I just hope it slows down a little so I can appreciate it more.
Ya know?

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