3 Years.


To the Love of my Life:
[cue the most sappiest of moments #sorry #notsorry]
Three years ago I was making a commitment to you, promising to spend the rest of my life with you... in good times, in bad times... through jokes and laughter and tears and screaming matches... through pretty days and ugly moments... through it all, I made a vow that I would love you forever.
To think another year has past, a year that has held a mixture of growth and struggles but also some of the best memories for us both... I think back and feel so fortunate to have spent those times with you. To know I never had to face life alone but that I have a constant partner and friend by my side.
You make me a better person.
You are my rock, my backbone, my safe haven, and my strength.
I know that no matter what life throws our way, we will make it through together.
I love that I can look at you and still feel like that little girl with butterflies in my stomach and that corny little smile on my face.
You make me the happiest person and even in the most feistiest of feuds, I feel we have only grown from those times and learned what it means to learn good communication and being continuously intentional with each other.
I love you, everything about you. The good & The bad. Every moment.
Here's to another year my love,
I'm definitely the luckiest. 

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1 comment:

  1. Happy Anniversary! we're coming up on our 3 year in September too!


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