Lazy day in the land of staycationing...

Today was D & I's first official day of our mini staycation.
We decided today to lie low and spend some time at home watching movies & eating gyros with Jake.
We then decided to get out and around and spent some time outside working on our garden.
I'm getting excited for some of my plants that are starting to slowly grow and can't wait to see what is successful in our garden this year!
After our mini garden fest, we decided to go out to grab some dinner and catch a movie.

Over at Easton they now have a dinner & a movie where you can eat dinner and watch a movie all at the same time - Genius!
I've also been dying to see The Great Gatsby and I definitely was not disappointed.

Obviously if you've ever read the book [which who hasn't-- thank you high school English class] it has a very tragic sort of ending, but regardless, I just love the story.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures!

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