Ramblings in regards to burning out and kidnappings.

I'm pretty sure my current class I'm in is going to be the death of me. I literally have worked on this project every night this week and I'm feeling a tad burnt out tonight. I decided because of this, I was going to take tonight to just run with the dogs and just take a real moment to breath. Honestly, it was the best thing and will help me trudge through these last few hours until my presentation during class tomorrow. I keep telling myself its just a few more months until I will have that degree. Just a few more months and I'm done! 
 Truth be told, I've been having a horrible time focusing this week because I've been following along with the Cleveland kidnappings. All I can say in that regards is wow and what a sicko. Seriously, I just cannot fathom how anyone could do anything so horrid. My heart hurts for these families who have lost such precious years with these women but rejoices in the fact that these girls are alive and are finally home. I cannot even imagine what these women are going through right now... it almost just seems to overwhelming really to really grasp the full concept of the story. As the case continues to unfold, I'm nervous to see what other details will come out throughout this process. I feel we have only scrapped the surface of this story so far and am curious to see what else will come to light.
I feel like moments like these shake me a little just knowing how easy something like this could happen to me or someone I love.
I feel I've been using a little more precaution and trying my best to be more observant of everything that surrounds me. Maybe I'm paranoid a little, I mean I do have a pretty active imagination, but I do think we really need to be a little more careful sometimes.
The truth is, this world is a beautiful place but it sure has some sick, sick people in it.
It's not for us though to live in constant fear, but we also have to remember to be smart.

So ladies [& gentlemen too], be safe! 
That is all.
Ok, for real, I'm done.

Have a good night, friends!

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  1. The Cleveland cases are so horrifying. I hope everyone is crossing the Ts and dotting their Is so he doesn't end up with a lighter sentence on technicality. There are reports that neighbors called the police after seeing three girls chained up in the backyard and the police didn't follow up? Could be hooey, but it makes me nervous about the "system."


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