Weekends are my Favorite.


Seriously thought,
Why do weekends end so quickly?
This weekend in particular was a busy one.

On Friday,
We spent the evening picking up my half marathon race packet, browsing the aisles of Outdoor Source in search of kayaking gear, and hitting up dinner at a local restaurant with my girlfriend Kara, who I haven't seen in quite a while. (Which of course always makes for an excellent time)
It was great to catch up with her and see what all has been going on in her world.
I sure do miss her a lot!

On Saturday, 
D & I woke up bright and early for my Cap City Half Marathon in downtown Columbus.
Cap City is probably one of my favorite half marathons to run, but I struggled a little this year between the crowds, dehydration, and an unsettled stomach from the dinner the night before.
Not my best time, but I did make that, so really I call that a success.
Overall though, I really had a great day running and loved completing yet another run I can add to my list. 
After the race, D & I did a little graduation party hopping and took some times to hang out with family and friends.
We came back that night, Abby grabbed us dinner and a movie, & we absolutely crashed.
I was so freaking exhausted.

And as for Today,
Well, D spent the morning recruiting and I started some laundry and little house type tasks. 
Afterwards, D & I ventured out to the local Greenhouse and grabbed some things for our garden this year. I'm so excited to try my hand at growing some yummy fruits, including a grape plant! Any tips out there on growing grapes?
And of course, because its Cinco de Mayo, so I had to make some fry bread vegetarian tacos!
I'm pretty sure I just appreciate Cinco de Mayo for the food.

And now here I sit, finishing up some laundry, watching the Hobbit with the fam.
Tired, wore out, but so happy for such a good weekend!

Anybody else do some amazingly fun things this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I took a road trip back to my alma mater before my friend graduates and moves to PA. It was fun!


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