The day our awesome staycation ended...

The thing I hate the most about staycationing is that they are never, ever long enough.
There's just something about being away from the stresses and worries of life that is so comforting and being able to spend those precious few moments with the person you love the most, well, it really can't get much better than that.

On our final day of staycationing, we decided to start our morning out with some juicing.
The juicer we got an incredible deal on during our day of garage sale hunting has really come in handy!
It's not only healthy, but it has really helped us avoid having our produce go bad.
If it looks like something is getting a little old, we just throw it in the juicer and make something yummy out of it or it gives us an opportunity to use the juice of those fruits & veggies at a later time for things like soups.
This particular day we decided to try oranges + grapefruit + kale + carrots + banana
Oh so good!

We also gorged ourselves on pancakes, which is always a good choice.
...especially on a day off.
...and we bought a sailboat.
I'm pretty sure D couldn't be any happier... he's been begging for a sailboat for years.
I'm also pretty sure the ocean & the love for water runs through both D & I's veins.
D grew up sailing with his family and I grew up by the ocean.
It's kind of a match made in heaven, us + the boat = pure bliss.
Really, this decision was only logical for crazy dreamers like ourselves.

After our morning adventures, we decided to head out on our kayaks and enjoy the water for a few hours as our upcoming work week loomed in the distance.
It was really nice to just get away from everything, to enjoy the water, and to feel such an overwhelming sense of peace & tranquility.
Some days, these types of activities are just needed.
I'm also pretty sure this is my all time favorite view of the city.
Being in a moment like this reminds me just how much I really do love Columbus.

And of course, sunsets can't get any prettier then when one sees them on the water.
After we got back to shore, we decided to round up the roommates and go out to the Columbus Commons to watch Shakespeare in the Park.
This particular night, they were showing Comedy of Errors.
We laughed, we ate Brown Bag, basically it was a really awesome night.
D, thank you so much for 3 wonderful years of marriage.
I am so beyond lucky to have you & I'm so glad for these moments we can share together.

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  1. Sailboat!!! Score!! Looks like so much fun. :)

  2. That looks so fun!! I didn't even know you could kayak there?!?! So jealous. I need to do that. Columbus is pretty great, isn't it? :)


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