Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder....

Why society ever thought it would be a good idea to invent a multiple choice question based exactly off of an intense amount of reading.
Why my dog sometimes has this weird desire to chomp my face.
Why people are crazy... ever single one of us.
Why chocolate covered strawberries taste so amazing.
Why someone ever invented a 5 day work week and only 2 days of fun. 
Why Americans do not embrace siestas. 
Why cable can have a billion + one channels and STILL one cannot find a single thing decent to watch on t.v.
Why weight gain was ever invented.
Why Amanda Bynes is so crazy.
Why bad things happen to good people.
Why I hate laundry so much.
Why there aren't things like money or skittle trees.
Why people still believe reality t.v. is actually a real thing when it's obviously not.

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