Something sappy and random.

This picture doesn't really have much to do with this post except for the fact that D's awesome and I'm missing his full beard today.

I have to take a minute and let my brain unwind.
Sorry for the absence the last month or so, but my first love has become my thesis paper.
Right now I'm writing about social media in a small business context and the truth is, writing so much about social media has made me fairly anti-social media mainly for the fact that I just feel burnt out on anything social media related.
I keep telling myself just three more weeks and I'm done.
Three more weeks and I will have a Master's degree.
Oh that is the only thing keeping me going these days...well that and that sweet husband of mine who keeps me grounded on days that I come home completely beat down and feeling slightly defeated.
Oh and I have to thank The Weepies too. 
I've been listening to them nonstop this month.

Frankly, aside from homework, its been a pretty random sort of month that's making me think some things in my life have just gotta change.
I don't really know what yet, or how, or what I'm even really hitting on at this point, but there's something inside me turning again. 
I think its that little venturer inside me longing to get out and do something awesome and creative and risky. 
Oh my, oh my.
What does this mean.
Oh I have no clue but I think its going to be wonderful.
...or a disaster, but either way, its something...right?

This month has also been bittersweet because I'm losing two of my very best friends to pretty big moves and changes in their lives.
One friend is off to knew adventures a few hours away while the other is finding her new life in the lovely state of South Carolina.
To get all sappy and sad for a minute, gosh, I'm just really going to miss them.
One friend has played such a vital part of my life and we have shared so many wonderful times and moments together, that well, its just going to be really sad not having every day to enjoy each others company and have a person who just gets me and loves me the same. She's just one of those type of people I love being around and living life with. She's just a wonderful and such a special person.
And the other, well she's a life long friend. If best friends could be soul mate best friends, she would be mine. We've lived close by most of my life (third grade), only having minutes to travel to and from each others homes. We've been through the most terrible of times and the best of times together; she's seen me at my best and all my very many worst of times. She can make me laugh like no one else and she's so very special to me. I won't lie, its going to be hard not having that closeness with her anymore. Its always been nice knowing that no matter what's going on in my life, I only had a short drive to spend time with her. It's really just hard to think about and I get kind of teary eyed each time I think about. Thank goodness we're family.
But I can't be selfish either. These two have some great things in store for them and frankly, its just really exciting. So how sad can you really be when there's so much good waiting for them?

I don't know,
It's just been a month.
Ya know?
Oh July, you are just really testing me, aren't you?!

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