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I've been super excited to share my photos and experiences from my trip to Chicago that I took with my lovely ladies over the Labor Day weekend, but on Monday, Dave decided to mow over our internet cable while sprucing up our backyard. Because of this, we've been internetless until today.
Then I found a bunch of links I loved online, and of course decided it would be in your all's best interest to experience them as well.
So I've decided to postpone my Chicago recap to another day and time.
I'm sure you all are absolutely torn up.

The first link I'm loving tonight is this blog post my cousin Tricia wrote. 
Every year for Christmas, my family goes and hands out gifts to the inmates at our local county jail and we sing Christmas carols to them along the way. 
Maybe its not something society would necessarily say these inmates deserved, since more than likely these inmates have made poor decisions that have created their existence unfortunate. But there's something about a holiday and the stories we learn about giving love to those who need love that humble me to share in this experience with my family every year I'm home.
In this post, Tricia shares such a wonderful story of love and grace that she experienced from touching a young girls life and vice versa last year and it absolutely brought tears to my eyes.
"I can’t bring salvation; Jesus did. I can’t bring conviction; the Holy Spirit does. I can’t bring judgement; God will. But I can love. And in a broken, hurting world it’s the least—and simultaneously the most—we can do. "
-Bianca Juarez 

Have you heard this sweet story about the letter a 96 year old man wrote for his wife of 75 years a month after she deceased.

Oh gosh, after this I was a sloppy hot mess.
I bawled. 
This story is such a beautiful message about true, authentic, genuine love.
I could see the love in his eyes, in the way he talked about her, it was so sweet.
It's the kind of love I hope to continuously learn with D and to have the incredibly opportunity to grow old with him.

Oh my gosh, 
If only someone would have shared this with me like 5 years ago. 
This is a solid reminder that life isn't all about us nor are we alone in this struggle of figuring things out.
Oh, and hey, it's perfectly okay to not have everything figured out by now and if we're not quite successful yet, well that is perfectly okay too!

What about this video?
It's not a new one, but it sure is beautiful.
I love the simple reminder that we are all one in the same and that music is such a beautiful common ground for us all.
"No matter who you are, no matter where you go in life, you're gonna need someone to stand by you."

I'm done now.
Have a marvelous sort of Wednesday night & hey, we've made it over the hump!
It's all downhill from here.

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  1. Love the song by the 96 year old! so adorable!


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