It's one of those nights D's actually home before Taco Bell's late night meals.


I've realized that these are the quality kind of photos you get when you try to make your husband take a photo with you as he is trying to go to bed.
Not happening. 

D was home early tonight (made it home right before 8 PM), which hasn't happened in , oh,  about a 3 week period. 
It was nice doing some quality time kind of things like eating dinner together and taking a walk.
I've missed this boy quite a bit.
You would think after 5 years I would have completely adjusted to D's crazy work schedule, but it still kind of sucks not having readily time available to hang out with him.
And it reallllllly sucks going to bed without him.
But D's pursuing what he's passionate about, and somehow the more I understand living a passionate life, the more I understand what it means to compromise for the people you love.
And somehow understanding this makes his late nights home worth it.
And it makes those few precious moments together so much sweeter.

To the moon & back my love. 

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