On Waiting & Trusting


"You're all set. You'll find out in 2 weeks if this takes.
Good Luck!"
As we left our appointment from our embryo transfer, Dave & I could only anticipate just how long 2 weeks could feel.
Those who've said that time goes by way too quickly have obviously never gone through a transfer.
Oh these days, these weeks,
The anxieties and stresses that keep veering their ugly head,
The cycle of fear then excitement, then back again.
It all just feels never ending.
 I feel this tug for control, but then realize, this is all literally out of my hands.
There is nothing I can do, but trust.
Every time this doubt and fear creeps in, I feel God keeps pressing on my heart,
"And if not, am I still good? Will you still trust me in the midst of all this?"
And every song I hear and every prayer that comes my way, I keep feeling these same thoughts, these same things echoing in and out.
It's like these little reminders that are all around me, even in my weakest state.
How very much we aren't alone even when so much of this feels so lonely.

And if not, He is still good.

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