The Quest...

If anyone knows me, they know how uncoordinated I am when it comes to sewing and creativity--
 I'm pathetic && overly a perfectionist. 
I decided though that I need some better discipline in my life;
 therefore I am going to take a project once a week and see how it goes.

To keep things from being a horrible tragedy,
I am going to mix in some fun new vegetarian recipes to try as well--
Cooking I can do.... most of the time :)

So hopefully this will work,
at least it will give me something new to try...
&& give me something to do in my spare time... besides being awesome!

Side Note: 
This was the first time I tried crocheting ...
It was suppose to be a hat...
It ended up looking more like a poodle skirt...
These next few weeks should be interesting!

This is me pretending to know what I was doing...

Oh Man.

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