Awesome & Awkward Thursday

So as most of you know, I work at Starbucks.
My job's pretty rad, I won't lie--
But today in general, I have had some pretty awkward/awesome moments:
Dancing in the drive-thru because I'm bored/antsy to look over to see customers giving me super awkward glances. I don't think they understand my eccentric behaviors.
Clumsy moments, today especially-- I broke a cup right when my lunch was ending, Poured half a container of coffee beans all over, & to top it off, dropped soy all over the floor. So. Much. Fun.
Today I felt crazily insane & I wasn't the only one who did all the customers...& they thought they should share with me that I "wasn't quite myself today,"....thanks? How do they always seem to know?
These socks:
My mother would be ashamed.
Having awesome friends at work who understand my awkwardness & loving me anyways. {& just are just as awkward as I am.}-- they're FABULOUS...So are those awesome regulars I love :)
Singing random sounds [yes, I said singing] to have others join in with me & it all some how making perfect sense.
Working all morning as it was gloomy and disguisting out to come home to finally have it beautiful & sunny outside...simply glorious my darlings.
Getting to share the pretty outdoors with my pups.
I hope you all were able to enjoy the day as much as I did, see you tomorrow :)

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  1. I would totally join in singing too!! :)



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