What Not to Wear Fashion Disaster

Today I survived a storm to feed my husband.
Okay, so it was not really that bad of a storm,
but my husband really was hungry & I had no food in the house to feed him.
Let me tell you, I love that boy--
I love him enough to go shopping when I'm super tired--
I love him enough to go when it's storming outside [on my behalf, there was a tornado warning for our county-- D. told me I would be fine probably]--
I even love that boy enough to go grocery shopping in my sweats--

So here am I headed off on my grocery shopping adventure:

I just had to share.
After seeing this, I'm surprised I haven't been put on What Not to Wear…
Stacey & Clinton would be so disappointed--
They are always saying that wearing sweats out & about are always a fashion NO-NO.
Well Stacey & Clinton, I wear sweats to the grocery store & I am not ashamed!
[...I'm just super lazy]

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3/23/2011

    I think that the boots saved the outfit!


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