Baby V.

 One of my very best friends- Marlaina- had her little girl yesterday! 
So, guess who took a trip to see the beautiful little baby-- That's right :)
Here's a few pics of Whit and I's trip to see our new little niece:

The Hot Mamasita: Tell me she doesn't look fabulous for just having a baby yesterday?!???
Whit and little V
Pretty Baby
My darling little girl, and sweet little boy in the back!
So precious!
My little cuties.
On another note:
Here is my project  idea for this week [These are a few "inspiration photos"]
See here for the actual blog DIY steps: her blog is awesome!

I'm hoping to achieve a multi-braid look to the scarf kind of like above. Here's another cool scarf idea Click Me.
Spaghetti Inspired Scarves

I want the ending result to kind of hang like this. Here's the link for this: Right Hurrrr

We'll see how this ends...

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1 comment:

  1. Marlaina3/05/2011

    Heidi, I love you. Thanks for the wonderful shout out and picture of my wrecked body after birth! :) I love you and Whit and am so happy Victoria found a spot on your popular blog!!! :)


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