Epic Failures.

Today was an epic failure sort of day:

  • I showed up to work early, but not a good kind of early. I was suppose to be in at 745am, instead I was in at 715am- 30 beautiful minutes of sleep wasted!
  • I washed my hair with body wash instead of shampoo.
  • I was playing an icebreaker game at our store meeting- we were suppose to draw something about us that no one else knew within 2 minutes...I freaked out and drew a coffee cup to represent my love of coffee because time was running out. The problem is, I work at a coffee shop-- That's kind of a given.
But here's a few things that keep me sane during my moments of failing:

Those days I come in a little too early, I have beautiful friends to make me delicious lattes...
with awesome foam art. -- see the heart?
& there's friends who make you laugh...

because they think they are superheros...

but really, they are superheros!
&& Sometimes even, the mocha splatters on the counter-tops and makes awesome shapes, like this rad mouse [do you see the mouse? He's talking on the phone!]

Don't forget to take the time to appreciate those special moments in a day, epic failures & all.
Love you all!

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