Awesome & Not So Awesome Weekend

Crazy weekend:


  • I went to a food party- Every year my friend Laura host a food party where everyone brings fun and "interesting" things to enjoy. [More on this adventure to come: I have pictures and more fun things to write about]
  • I took a mini hike with the pups [Last Post]
  • I wore my awesome new flower tights from Target [More to come of this awesomeness as well]
  • I saw some a few of my favorites from Lancaster [had a workday there] & got to taste a delicious vegan cupcake- Thank you Danielle! 
    • If you are looking for an awesome cupcake maker for any occasion, hit me up for Danielle's info- She's awesome and super creative!
  • I had a date night with the hubster to cheesecake factory [thank you gift cards!]
    • Side Note: I HIGHLY recommend the cheesecake factory in Easton- the food was excellent and the service was phenomenal-- I don't know when was the last time I truly had excellent customer service [Minus my awesome Starbucks ;) ]
I just love him.

Check out his awesome fro
& his awesome photography skills

Not So Awesome:
  • Tank [my German Shepherd] jumping the fence.
  • Tank & Sky [My Mixed Puppy] running off to chase the 6PM...yeah, it got dark
  • Tank coming back from chasing deer without the backpack he had started out with, so we searched for the the the woods
  • SUNDAY. Sunday just was not my day, period. 

Oh well, on a brighter note,  I had Cinnamon rolls and delicious Casi Cielo with the husband before he went off to work today- highlight of my morning!

*Stay tuned, new project coming tomorrow!*

PS: Check out his awesome fro

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  1. Love the post. Thanks for sharing love.

  2. Love the pictures :) you are so cute and precious! I'm glad that we can read each other's blogs now. I feel reconnected. haha

  3. Love your blog! I am now one of the followers.

  4. OMG. My boyfriend and I tried to adopt a dog from the local animal rescue who was named Tank. They gave him to another family. I hadn't thought about that in almost a year. :( I bet your tank is awesome.


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