A Beautiful Wedding *NY Part III*

Shirt - Ross
Skirt - Thrifted
Earrings/Bracelet/Shoes - Target

I'm a sucker for details, especially at a wedding.
My cousin Heather's wedding was absolutely phenomenal & I loved all the cute little touches on every aspect of the reception.
There was a "create your own cupcake area," "A candy bar," & a special section by the guest book to fill out fun little papers for the bride & groom.
All the chairs were different, 
All the tables were decorated in unique form,
& each area had it's own special sign.
Instead of cake, they had homemade pies with their mini cupcakes,
& late into the night we danced with glow sticks to Ke$ha, Polka, & Moroccan.
It was a time to celebrate with family & enjoy the heat of summer {literally}.

I think this has got to be one of my most favorite weddings, thus far,
See for yourself:


Can I just add that my little cousin Will was officially adopted into our family yesterday?! So Happy!

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  1. so beautiful!!! i love all the mason jars glowing! i'm doing that at my wedding in a month.

  2. Anonymous7/29/2011

    Heidi you are one lucky lady! Look at that sexy beast!

  3. You're right Ean, I am the luckiest :)


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