D. the Volleyball Coach *Awkward/Awesome*

Before I begin my post tonight, can I just point out how cute my hubby is? 
I'm loving this picture of him.

  • Long, strenuous workouts before going in to a long eight hour shift- Seriously, not a good idea.
  • My eating habits after a long workout- It's embarrassing how much I can eat after working out!
  • Having baby bunnies in your yard and trying to keep your two gigantic dogs away from them. Two weeks straight and we've had to hover over the dogs every time they go out to make sure they don't come back with a dead bunny in their mouth.
  • Drinking your water to find a dead ant in it mid-drink. Tasty.
  • All the dishes piling up in our sink because we're lacking dish soap right now- It's ridiculous.
  • Being dragged by your dog on her leash because she's feeling threatened by another dog- Eating asphalt isn't exactly attractive now is it.
  • Being off on a Friday- yeah booooy.
  • Eating homegrown veggies.
  • Getting to sleep in till 8 today- {simply glorious darling}
  • Getting to partner sample Pumpkin Spice early- I'm on cloud nine.
  • My new hummus recipe {I can't wait to share it with you all!}
  • Coming home to find out that my husband has taken the pups on a walk so they won't be quite so wound up when I get home- He's incredible.
  • D. bringing me home ice cream the other night because I was reallllly wanting some.
  • Getting to have a little friend time this weekend.
Hope you all had an equally awesome Thursday!

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