One of Those Days...

Oh me oh my,
It has been one of  those type days.
Everything that could go wrong has-
Let's recap the morning:
  • Woke up late-- Running Late to work.
  • Grab skirt with broken zipper-- Iron skirt -- Put on and realize I ironed the skirt with the broken zipper.
  • Realized I haven't done laundry and have no clean dress shirts to wear-- All other shirt possibilities are hiding  about wrinkled or too casual.
{At this point of the morning, D. has went into hiding, meaning he started vacuuming to hide the noise of the hysterical cries of the crazy, AKA myself, running through the house.}
  • Finally make it to my car and go to eat my toast D. made for me-- Realize it's cold toast-- Nobody like cold toast.
  • Stumble into work and go to open my office door-- break key ring and almost lose all my keys.
  • Fight all morning with the computer as it tries to move the cursor in the midst of my typing-- Computer-1, Me-0.
  • Tired and zero motivation-- That coffee I tried to treat myself to later in the afternoon yesterday was not a good idea for bed time-- Especially with that extra shot I decided would be a good idea wasn't.
  • Eating lunch and sharing lunch with my lap-- You know, that same skirt that I need to wear to an event tonight. greeeeeattttt.
I'm hoping  this is just a "disasters before 1 p.m." sort of day and not an all day type event.
Thank goodness it's at least Friday.

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  1. OMGosh what a morning!! I hope the rest of the day went better!!

  2. well i thougth i was having one of those days, but you definitely had it worse. Horray for friday! hope things get better :)

  3. Aww sorry... i hope it did go better for you. I hate those kind of days too. Incidentally, my Friday morning started out a bit bad too :) Woke up 5 minutes after I am usually walking out the door... bad day.

  4. Thanks guys...It didn't... ha. But the weekend was much better! Sorry a lot of you were in the same boat- must have been one of those weeks! :)


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