It's Time For A Fiesta!

This weekend my cousin Kristi got married in South Carolina-
I'm so mad at myself for leaving my camera at home,
But here are some of the pictures I stole:

She was absolutely beautiful,
The day was simple, full of love.
Oh and to top it off,
Her now husband's family is Hispanic
& we got to attend a fiesta in honor of the new couple
{I'm talking awesome mariachi band and everything!}
It was so interesting to see the different ways culture's celebrate a wedding-
& it was so beautiful to see the way Kristi and Rico combined the two elements into their special day:
They had a bilingual ceremony & when it came time for the vows,
Rico said the vows to Kristi in English & said her vows to Rico in Spanish.
{I think I teared up around this time}
I'm so excited to have Rico as a part of our family!
(Oh and did I add that we got maracas as a wedding gift? Score!)

The next day,
The remainder of us who were in the area all went to my cousin's church & then went out to eat.
I love my family so much-
I love how big it is and I love how we all connect and enjoy time together.
I can never say it enough how blessed I am to have all these wonderful people {+ more} in my life!
Sometimes I forget how truly lucky I am.

This weekend was amazing and I enjoyed getting to spend it with people I love
& getting the chance to add more to the crazy bunch!


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