Sleepy Eyes

I don't know about you,
But I did not wake up this morning feeling like P.Diddy. 

I decided yesterday that it was in fact a good idea to go see the midnight showing of Twilight
{I'm pretty sure at this point I should be feeling slightly embarrassed,but I'm not...}
It was of course totally worth it.
{Except for the whole get home at 4 am and be back up for work at 7 am}
Will this day bring sleep?
Probably not.
I have a lot of little things planned for the day, 
Including Friday Night Live.
...Oh, and we're traveling to South Carolina tonight around midnight.
(My cousin Kristi is getting married tomorrow- Eeeek!)

Here's to the weekend friends,
Hopefully it brings you lots of restful sleep and happiness.
{As for the Hopewell clan, well, we will be partying it up.}

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  1. I went last night too! Guilty pleasure, pretty sure I was laughing most of the movie! ;) Hope you can squeeze in a nap!

  2. Anonymous11/18/2011

    Hahaha I love the part about not feeling like P Diddy! And the coffee cup is SUPER cute!

    - Alyssa

  3. Hope you had a great weekend....and caught up on sleep!


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