Politics & Banana Leaf


I went to a Legislation update today.
It was a little outside of my usual norm-
I'm not really a big time fan of politics.
During election time, I usually learn enough about the candidates to make an educated decision on who I'll be voting for;
 but mostly, 
I tend to stay clear.
I know it sounds bad,
I just don't really take interest.
I just know enough to get by.

I think though that things are starting to change.
I think I'm tired of seeing our economy crumble and people keep losing jobs.
I'm tired of seeing decision happen that affect our educational systems and our means of protection.
I'm sick of seeing injustice and not doing more.
...I think it's time to start paying attention to the facts.
So today I went with an open mind,
And I'm starting to really listen to what people are saying.
I don't want people to make decisions for me,
I want to make them for myself.

So after that thought provoking morning,
I came home hungry.
D. & I bought a sweet deal on Groupon the other day-
It was for this rad little Indian place in Columbus: Banana Leaf.
We basically paid $18 for $43 dollars worth of food-
2 appetizers, 2 meals, 2 desserts.
The food is so good,
& guess what?!
It's all vegetarian {with tons of vegan and gluten free options}!
I was in seventh heaven-
And the curry, 
It was to die for.

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1 comment:

  1. Good for you for getting out their and learning about your local politics. Wish I could saw I am the same way but hopefully one day I'll be there.
    Also, YUM to the food!


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