Thankful for Growth


As I think back on my life,
I've come to the realization of how thankful I am for every circumstance I have had to face.
There have been struggles,
There have been pain,
But it's these moments that have helped develop me to be the person I am today.

When I look back on past relationships in my life,
I think about all the life lessons I learned through them-
There's sometimes things I initially want to regret, but in the long run, I'm thankful for every relationship I have encountered.
There are friends who have hurt me, betrayed me, but it's through this pain I found the beauty of true, genuine friendships through others. 
There are guys who never could love me, neglected me, used me; but each time they helped to prepare me for the day I would find the perfect love for me- I would be able to recognize what love really looked like.
There's obstacles my sister and I have both faced to build a solid foundation in our relationship.
There's been joy, laughter, tears, sorrow, pain, love, humor, peace:
So much emotion that I've been through, that it would be a shame to let that all go to waste.
It's every aspect of every relationship, both good and bad, that have helped to form me.

I'm thankful for every job I've worked.
From the fun ones to the tough ones.
I've faced adversity, inferiority, and intimidation.
I've seen good leaders and bad managers.
I've worked with people who are easy to get along with and others who I had to challenge myself to work beside.
I've had days when I would come home from work laughing,
And I've had days where I came home from work bawling.
Hand-in-hand I have faced each job and from it,
I have learned the importance of hard work.
I've realized not all people will like you.
I've learned how to live in harmony with others.
I've build lasting friendships.
I can make a mean latte,
And I know how to make a pretty rad pizza as well.
From every situation I've faced, I have learned to be a stronger person.

I've dealt with:
Denials and regrets.
Loss and grief.
Emptiness and unbelievable peace.
Insecurities and acceptance.

From middle school- to high school- to college- to life in between and beyond:
I am who I am because of the things I have faced.
The challenges I have overcome.
The places I have grown.

For all this,
I am grateful.

Never forget the places you have come from because it is what made you the person you are today.

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