Confessions & a Winner

So I have a confession to make.
Tonight I had something I was planning on attending & last minute I chickened out.
It was one of those events where you mingle over drinks and get to meet random people,
You know those networking type of events.
Now don't get me wrong,
I love people-
I love events-
I absolutely love networking.
But I hate walking into something without an itinerary,
I hate feeling like I'm the solo girl in an all boy's club...
I just chickened out. 
I get horrified about walking into a place and being the loner for the evening,
It scares me to death.
It's funny because if I'm in a group,
I don't mind being the outgoing one and I don't mind having to go up to absolute strangers,
But alone and without an agenda,
I'm just pathetic.

I guess all I can do is keep working at it,
Keep gaining confidence,
Finding ways to keep broadening my horizons.

There was one incentive to tonight though,
And that involved coming home to D. and making jalapeno poppers.
{BTW, if you follow this recipe, flour them BEFORE putting them into the beer batter. It makes a HUGE difference}
So was I disappointed in myself?
A little.
But was it worth coming home to the hubby?
Of course.

& we have a winner for the giveaway.
Congrats Megan!
I'll be getting in touch with you!

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  1. Hey there! I found your blog on cotton and curls and liked your style. I thought it might be fun to exchange buttons or put eachother on our blogrolls? I'm pretty new to this blog thing though....Feel free to check out mine! I'm your newest follower!


  2. hey I say if you don't feel like going, don't go. and jalapeno poppers sound waaaay better. :)


  3. The poppers were delish! :)


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