This post was suppose to be written at 1130, to be my last post for the year,
But from what I've learned today,
Life works as it should,
Not how we want it to be.

We can plan our lives out,
But only the things that should be will happen,
The other things still happen,
They just look a little different than the original.

We planned out a list for "12" things to do before 2012,
And we finished the list.
{After a few readjustments and changes}
It was a fabulous day and I can't wait to share the photos with you tomorrow--
But for now I am leaving you with this:

Happy New Year to each of you!
May good things come your way and valuable life lessons learned,
May peace, love, and goodness surround you and all the people who surround you,
And may you fall deeper in love with Abba each and every day.

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