Awkward & Awesome

Shirt - Ross
Vest - Sarah Jessica Parker
Pants - Thrifted
Shoes/Watch - Target

  • Finding an awesome show on Netflix only to discover the show is no longer airing and the final episodes available on Netflix leaves you slightly confused and saddened due to a lack of closure.
  •  Demetri Martin- It's such a good kind of awkward.
  • I've realized these last few week that dog claws do not combine well with tights. Sky has destroyed three pairs so far.
  • The awkwardness involved in my story telling. I've realized I am HORRIBLE at quoting movies, explaining a plot, or trying to tell D. about something that happened to me that day. Why am I so awkward?
  • Staring at a computer screen for hours at a time = Spacey eyes: The inability to see straight, glared vision
  • Tripping going up the stairs.
  • When I get rushed, I feel flustered, when I get flustered, I just get awkward.
  • Finally being able to go grocery shopping-- those cupboards were getting pretty bare. Grocery shopping makes for one happy husband.
  • Taco Night at the Hopewells- Always a treat.
  • The fact that it is February and the weather is amazing. I'm sorry to all you snow lovers out there, but I am one happy girl with this 50-60 degree weather.
  • Conversations with D. about how we would survive the apocolypse. We're pretty B.A. and I'm pretty sure we could kick some looter booty.
  • The Swap from this week - So much fun!
  • Free box of Girl Scout Cookies- I showed up for a radio interview for the school and walked away with a free box. Win! 
  • The fact that it is 5:30 pm and time for me to go home!
  • Tomorrow is Friday- Hollar!

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