On the beauty of running

Today D and I ditched out of work a little bit early
(Don't worry, Ma, we've put in plenty of hours this week!)
And took the dogs out for a little walk/run at the park.
The weather was incredible and it's always nice to have a few hours to spend alone with D.
Not to mention that it was especially nice to run the stress out of my system.

I think that's why I love running so much; it's my getaway and my outlet.
There's just something about my feet pounding against the ground and feeling my adrenaline rush through my veins that makes me feel like I can conquer the world. It's so peaceful and I love being surrounded by every element of nature. I feel there are too many times we let those little details in nature go by so easily. We're always rushing here and there; and why walk or bike when you can get there so much faster with a car? Not that I don't find myself busy most often than not and believe me, if I tried to bike to work I might never make it. But running, when I'm running it's like everything just stops and I have this chance to breath it all in. I love the simple idea of being outside and seeing butterflies bounce from flower to flower or watching deer out in their natural element. I love experiencing the leaves fall and seeing the beautiful scenery drenched in snow. There's also something so amazing about Spring flowers being out in full bloom that I just can't seem to soak enough of it in. It's just so many types of wonderful. I feel when I watch all of this around me, I just don't want to stop. There's days even I feel like I could run and run for hours.
My friend Ean tuned me into a running documentary that has since become one of my all time favorite documentaries to watch. 1000 Miles under the Colorado Sky is about ultra marathoner Anton Krupicka. If you're a runner and haven't checked it out yet,  you definitely should-- this documentary is intense! Anton puts in an average of 4-5 hour running days but he trains typically for runs far more insane than his "simple" workouts. What I think I love about about him as a whole is that he simply just gets it, he truly understands running. 
There is such an art and beauty to running; from your form, to your pace, to just being in tune with everything surrounding you...I don't know, it's just such an incredible experience. I hope one day I can run like Anton; to just go out for hours on end and just being there, being in the moment.

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  1. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Love those beautiful purple flowers!


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