Single Motherhood

So I have realized something over this week,
I would really suck at being a single mother.
I have so much respect for mothers who are raising their kids single-handed, 
It can't be easy, how do you do it?!

D is out of town for a few days for his Master's program and I have been home alone with the pups.
I think sometimes I really take for granted how wonderful D really is and just how much I need him.
The morning routine has been wake up at 630AM with the pups, calm them down, walk them, feed them, attention them, go to work, work all day, come home, play with them, attention them, feed them, play some more with them, get them settled down, eat some dinner, try to finish dinner while the pups try to eat my dinner, let them out, play some more, bed.
(& Repeat)
Today was no exception because it included some extra obstacles including a trip to the vet.
Oh my.
I called D today and was a total wreck after the vet visit-
I pretty much made him promise me that between the two of us, I would have to be the first to go because I simply would not survive without him. 

D, please come home, I really miss you!

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