it's Monday and I'm not singing the blues

Shirt - Thrifted // Skirt - DIY (dress to skirt) // Shoes - Target (Outlet Mall) // Sunnies- TJ Maxx

Hi Friends,
Last night when I went to bed I swore I would dread today. I kept asking D if we could just opt out of work and stay forever on vacation to which he replied with a don't tempt me. But you know, I woke up this morning at 645 AM & was ready to go for the day; I even went on a run this morning! I don't really know what it is that has changed my mindset but I am so thankful for that staycation D & I took, it was just what I needed. I think it really helped me unwind and relax as well as get some things done and out of the way that I've been meaning to do. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and just enjoy spending time with the person you love most. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday & hey, if you live in Columbus we can all at-least be thankful it's beautiful outside!

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