Pretty Ladies & Cute Babies

Saturday & Sunday has been a mix of everything.
{AKA: Get ready for a picture overload}

Saturday started off with eggs & cinnamon rolls with my main man.
It also included lunch with some of my best gals that turned into an ice cream trip and ended with an assortment of shenanigans with these ladies in the Inferno Burger parking lot.

{I just adore them}
I ended Saturday with homework which wasn't that exciting.

Sunday has involved a volunteer day in which I worked the Gracehaven House table and provided information to people wishing to volunteer with the organization.

Then I went to my darling nephew's first birthday party where there was an overload of cute little babies and wonderful family.
{Check out Kara's fabulous decorations, all done for under $30-- thank you Pinterest!}

Happy Birthday Levi!
I wrapped up the night with D eating pizza and talking about the future.
Those moments are some of my favorite.

All in all,
I can't complain. 
Hope you had a good weekend!

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