things I should feel guilty about but I don't...

Shirt - Thrifted // Skirt.Watch - Target // Sunglasses - TJ Maxx // Shoes - Blowfish

+ Being late to work because I kept wanting to sneak downstairs to talk to D.
+ Drinking my usually overly sweet hot tea today after posting this post.
   (What can I say, I was too lazy to clean out my loose leaf tea tumbler.)
+ Skipping out on a morning run because I wanted to sleep in a few extra minutes.
+ Having an incomplete paper unfinished on the night that it is due.
+ Putting off a months worth of laundry.
+ In connection with the above statement, not cleaning my house for a couple months weeks because... Well, I really don't have a good excuse for that one.
+ Wearing sunglasses indoors.
+ Just waking up and already wanting to take a nap.
+ Wanting chips and dip at every single meal.
+ That I'm totally wearing my husband's deodorant today.

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  1. cute! and those shoes are adorable

  2. I must admit, I always choose sleep over exercise. And I too, feel no shame in it. Haahhahaha!


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