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Shirt - Wet Seal // Skirt - Sister's [DIY Maxi Dress into a Skirt] // Belt - F21 // Shoes.Watch - Target // Sunglasses - TJ Maxx

So this skirt was my first at home sewing machine project. I'm wearing the belt because, well, my stitching is not quite up to par as of yet. Nonetheless, I still really love how the skirt turned out! I'm kind of sew crazed [bahaha, get the pun?] right now and keep trying to find old material to convert into new items for my closet and lots of pillows for my living room. 
It makes for a good time in the Hopewell household
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So enough about me, since I mean this is just my own blog and all. No, instead today we will put the focus once again on Jake because he insist he does not get enough credit on this blog. 
So today we're going to play Facts About the New Roomie:
  • Jake does not like most vegetable or beans. Jake is also weirded out by "fake meat." This makes for a difficult time in having a vegetarian and meatatarian living together. But we make it work by eating lots of cheese and ice cream. {My plan is to eventually make him convert because I am a jerk and that is just what I do}
  • Jake loves Tank and Tank loves Jake. It is truly a match made in heaven.
  • Jake works as a Office Assistant at an attorney's office which is funny once you get to know Jake because he has lots of tattoos and is a musician. It just makes for an interesting situation.
  • Jake likes to combine words together that make no sense. He also likes to try to shorten words, which again, make no sense. 
  • Jake is random, but random is good. I like random and I like people who are random. He's so random that I'll come home, he'll play some guitar, he'll eat some food, he'll wear a safari hat, he'll ride a bike once around the neighborhood, and he'll play with Tank all within the same fifteen minutes. True Story.
  • Jake has good taste in music which is a plus. If he had bad taste in music, I would not let him live at our home. Just kidding, I would, but I would secretly talk about his bad taste in music behind his back with D, then we would laugh at him secretly behind his back. 
  • As previously stated, Jake is a musician and he is awesome. But seriously, he plays in a band called Year of the Buffalo [previously known as Brave at Sea] and their music is addictive. Take a listen:

That's all for now, folks.
Enjoy your Tuesday!

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  1. HAHAHAHHAHHAHHA I am dying. The safari hat really got me going LOL well, sounds like a great roommate :)

    also- LOVE THAT SKIRT! you are doing a great job, lady. teach me your ways!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. He is a good roommate!
      Girl, I would love to teach you! It was a lot easier than I originally anticipated besides the fact that i don't know how to sew straight. Ha.

  2. Great skirt! Love the print, great job! And I think that neutral belt is a cool pairing with that bold print! :)

  3. Anonymous8/21/2012

    Jake sounds like a catch!!

  4. Anonymous8/21/2012

    Jake is hott!!!

  5. Jake is a good guy to post about.

    if i wasn't a loser at work, I would totally listen to the band.



    I said, maybe.


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