24 Crazy

Shirt.Skirt.Shoes - Target // Sweater.Tights - H&M // Scarf - Sisters // Watch - D's // Ring- Gift

The last 24 hours have been...weird.
I had a crazy day yesterday which involved work & class...
After finishing class, I remember I had a quiz due that night. 
Normally, this would not be a big deal, however, it is a big deal when one no longer has internet access at their home.
[yeah, we kind of lost ours]
So on my way home, I won't lie, I tried to steal internet from Bob Evans. Yeah...it didn't work so well and I ended up guilt tripping myself enough to go in and steal free internet the right way.
Well, as I walked in, every waitress in the restaurant just stared at me and nobody seemed to want to help me. It kind of felt like some bizarre twilight hour, I staring at them, them staring at me; we were all just standing there...
I finally somehow got someone to sit me and of course they decided out of all the free tables in the whole entire restaurant, sitting me by the loud, noisy little boys running around was really the best idea [yes, there is a hint of sarcasm there]. 
After finally completing my 20 minute quiz that took at least 45 minutes because of all the hassle/interruptions, I finally made it home.
Well, Jake had texted me that he was going to bed on my drive back and D is gone this weekend at a volleyball tournament so of course it makes sense that there would be a man hunt going on that night at my home.
Yes, you read that right, a full on man hunt. 
As I was sitting on the couch trying to recoup from the day, suddenly I hear a helicopter flying directly over my house. Of course they had their spotlights on and of course they were searching my back field, and of course I am the only one up at this point in time, and of course I was sure that some crazy was going to come breaking into my house and hold me at ransom.
 So yeah, sleep was not really a luxury last night.
After the chaos of that evening, I woke up this morning to Sky puking  in the room. Lovely way to wake up this morning.
Then shoot, I won't even go into my fun ventures from our morning walk or my trip to Jimmy Johns...
However I will tell you about when I came back to my office from a morning in Circleville to only be stopped   for a Police Safety Inspection...what?... When did this become a for real thing?
My car was checked out and they said I didn't pass because my horn is broken...but they said that I could go...am I in trouble?
Oh. Me. Oh. My. 
What a day.

I do have to give props though to the Jimmy Johns' girls who complimented my outfit saying they could never pull it off but that I was totally rocking it.
I also got some really exciting news today that will hopefully result in something awesome here in the near future [stay tuned for details].

Oh guys,
All I can really say is, TGIF

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