Motivation [or lack there of]



The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

The one thing I am totally lacking on doing today.

I just have no motivation ...

No. None. Not at All.


I just hate this feeling of undesired inability....of just not caring. 
See that stack behind me?
All things I need to be going through...
My email has plenty of people to contact and plenty of things to respond to...
I have a whole list of "to do's."
I'm just not here today...
Trudging through until class tonight.
 It's just one of those days.

Sometimes I just wish I felt passionate again about something.

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  1. I've heard of this totally legit thing that people are doing now, ya know when that 2:30 feeling hits & you don't want to take a shot of poison, its called a WIGGLE B R E A K.

    Pretty self explanatory!

  2. As you read, I feel the same lady... Ahhh! I could just cry seeing all you have to do too. All I can say is... At least tmrw is Friday.... Try to take some time away from phones, internet, school and work this weekend. Somehow...

  3. Oh girl, I won't give you any fabulous advice, just wish that you find the silver lining.


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