Every day should be a weekend

Shirt - Thrifted // Pants - TJ Maxx // Scarf.Watch.Shoes[clearance!] - Target

This last weekend was so nice and relaxing but man, it went by way too fast!

On Friday, I ran errands and came home to a late night dinner and movie, in which Jake joined me and we and we watched The Vow. Was the acting the best? No, not really. However, I loved the story line. I loved the idea behind such a real, true, authentic relationship; a love that stuck around for better or for worst. Love seems like such an easy concept, however, you see the truth behind love when you are forced to make touch decisions and make hard choices. I can't even fathom how hard it would be to love someone even when that person didn't love you in return. There was just something so beautiful about it all. Needless to say, after watching the movie, I called D and started bawling. [I'm such a girl]
On Saturday, I spent the morning with some awesome friends. We grabbed brunch, checked out a local antique shop, and just spent the day chatting. So much fun and much needed! I then went home to do laundry & ironing [I know, so exciting] and waited up until D finally got home from Michigan. Always a good way to end a day.
On Sunday, D and I went to church and then went to Verizon to finally upgrade his phone. D has now officially joined the Iphone club! We then brought home $30 worth of Taco Bell to Jake & Dan [Jake's friend and fellow band-mate]  at home and I spent the afternoon chowing down and doing homework. Oh, what a blast [sarcasm]. That evening, D and I hit up Sonic and got some time to just talk and connect. That boy is such a blessing in my life and the chance to finally spend time together was wonderful.
And now, well, I'm just keeping busy with the Monday usuals.
Oh yeah.

Happy Monday Friends!

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  2. I too just joined the iphone club! Love it!
    And I totes bawled too after the Vow and then I may have immediately rewatched it and bawled again. . .lol

    Whew at least Monday is O V E R!


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