Grandma Chic

Shirt - TJ Maxx // Sweater - H&M // Skirt.Shoes - Thrifted // Watch - D's // Necklace - Gifted
I like to call this look Grandma Chic.
It makes me feel awesome.
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Having yesterday off was so glorious, however, it makes for a very busy day.
Soooo much to catch up on!
And it doesn't help that today was one of those I can't find anything and am running so late kind of days. UGH. These types of days are the worst for busy days.
One thing that kept me late today was that my work phone fell into the couch and I almost left without it, which would have made for a very bad and difficult type of day.
[although not having to make any phone calls may  have been kind of nice]
And yes, you read that right. The phone literally fell into the couch, not down along the cushion but into the bottom part of the couch itself.
...ugh I swear these weird things only happened to me...
back to the grind! 

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