Turban wearing type of work day...

Scarf as a Turban Headband - Gift // Sweater - Thrifted [$.99] // Pants.Watch - Target // Boots - Alloy

Today the hair was not wanting to cooperate so I decided it was time to rock the turban headband to work. 
Plus, I thrifted this sweater a few weeks ago. Part cashmere, part glorious comfort for just $.99; can't beat that!
Seriously, I love fall and I love fall wear!

Today is a meeting day mixed with little tidbits of work here and there.
Then it's off to do homework at home as well as find a use for the 500+ tomatoes I seemed to have collected from my garden.
[I sense a lot of salsa, tomato soup, and pasta sauce in my future]
Anybody have any good tomato recipes that they might want to suggest?
All ideas are welcomed!

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1 comment:

  1. love the turban headband! They're so great. :) I wear mine all the time.


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