Thank you to Yoga


Okay, so I know I have the whole different mentality I'm trying to take in my life right now,
But can I just take a second to be human and say that I am fed up and at my wits end?!
Thank you.
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Now to talk about some good in my life.
Jake and I have started taking yoga every Monday night at Thank Yoga with a couple of friends,
[if you remember this post]
Thank Yoga is this awesome little hot yoga center in the Short North area.
And can I just say it's kicking my butt?!
I'm still only on a foundation level and it's intense.
I don't know if I've ever sweated so much in my whole life.
But overall it's making me feel great!
I feel like I have more energy, I'm not as tense as I usually am, and my arm and abs hurt like crazy- hooray for the literal feeling of achievement!
I never realized just how beautiful and intentional yoga really is.
It's all about relaxing and learning to tune into your body. 
It's how to stretch out that tension in your body and learning how to help your body truly relax after a busy and hectic day.
I also got some great tips yesterday how to stretch out the pain I keep getting in my knees from running lately.
[which BTW, is why I wanted to get into yoga, because I heard it was great for runners... and it is!]
So basically I am just trying to say,


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  1. that's awesome! i started doing hot yoga back in June, and I am hooked. I'm a runner/triathlete too and it has helped my running so much. I'm runner faster and stronger than i ever have!

    1. Oh it's wonderful! Definitely helpful!!


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