There are a few things you just need on a day like today...

Today wasn't really a bad day, but it wasn't really all that good either.
It was just one of those days where you feel like you just can't get ahead; like you're walking ten steps behind all the people that surround you.
That karma really just didn't like you today and not only did you not get paid over the weekend, but it might still be a few days before you find that missing paycheck that is in the abyss we call cyberspace.
Then you forgot your wallet at home, but you didn't just leave it at home. You dropped it in the snow and your husband found it, and now it's soaked and you can't buy lunch.
Then your co-workers ask if you did that one thing you were suppose to do and you did everything around that one thing but totally forgot that one thing.
Then your tire goes flat and you can't figure out the air machine at the gas station because obviously you've become more stupid in the last 24 hours. 
Then you come back from lunch and your co-worker is a little bit snappy because she's stressed for reasons of her own.
And in that moment, you don't really know if you want to laugh or cry.
So you just sit there a little down, a little numb.

But then you remember that your Starbucks card is on your phone so you can eat and even get a cup of coffee.
And your other co-worker comes in and she's full of laugh and cheer and somehow it just lightens the mood in the office. 
And before you know it, the days done and you get home to your roommate doing the dishes which makes you feel so much better about life.
And you go on a run, 1) because you committed yourself to it and 2) because sometimes you just need to run off a day's worth of stress.
And you decide instead of doing homework, you'll make a cake.
And of course it's not a good idea to bake over essential homework, but really, there are just days that you need it.
And your pups act pretty good for you tonight, which is a small miracle, and all they want to do is be close to you. Which of course totally melts your heart a little.

And you realize in these moments that it really is okay and your day ended up balanced...not good, not bad, but you can lay down your head tonight feeling absolutely content.

I think that's what makes a good Monday.

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  1. I totally bailed on my homework last nighttoo!I just laid in bed with my feet up and watched a total chick flick. It was heaven, and i'll get caught up on homework tonight.


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