In a moment of such devastation and sadness, it's nice to remember the joy and comfort that family brings.
It was a really hard weekend...
Words can't express the pain one feels losing someone they love dearly, nor can it bring comfort to the weight of pain and loss held on one's shoulders.
Sometimes, we just need those few moments to grieve, to experience loss together.
To cry over the hard moments and bond over those special moments.
Being with family can be so refreshing for the soul.
These people are so very special to me.
They are some of the greatest people you will ever meet,
And they all portray such love, for each other & for humanity.
I feel so blessed to share my heritage as both a Miller & an Irvine and I find myself so truly blessed to be a part of these families.
To know my Grandpa, to know Don, to know Karen, and to know all those countless others...
These loved ones who have gone on before us have provided me with such a rare and special opportunity to know and love these people.
I was reminded this weekend that in these moments of loss, of loneliness, of sadness, we need each other more than ever.

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