In the middle of a chaotic sort of day...

I feel like the last 24 hours has been a complete blur and the next 24 hours will be just as crazy. 
Last night I was up until 1 AM trying to get the last of my projects put together for class. 
Today work in so busy and I head to class right after it, I'll give my presentation, come home to pack quickly, and then head straight out to Philadelphia for Karen's funeral.
We'll probably get in sometime tomorrow morning, around 5 AM. 
Right now I'm at Starbucks for a quick breather and a bagel, followed by many rehearsals for tonight's presentation.
Chaos, pure chaos. 
And until I got to work, I completely forgot today was even Valentine's Day; which if I'm being perfectly honest, it's a holiday that I could do without. Regardless, my Valentine's Day this year will just be a whirlwind of events and a few corny emojicons sent to me from D.
Gotta love it.

So, Happy Valentine's Day to all you little lovelies out there.
I hope your day is more sappy than chaotic. 

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