How I Survive My Week

Ways to Have a Productive Feeling Week:

  • Mondays are for Yoga & Dinner out with either the hubby or friends who tag along. 
  • Tuesdays are for Pretty Little Liars & New Girl-- probably my two favorite shows. D & Jake kind of mock me on the Pretty Little Liars segment [and by kind of mock, I mean full out hatefest]. Don't judge, I'm hooked! Also, Tuesdays have become nights were we Facetime with Jake's old roommate Vince... don't ask.
  • Wednesdays are my homework wrap up day. Not exactly the most fun day of the week, but it's my one night dedicated to knocking out any of my homework. I pretty much just hole myself away all evening and type up any loose ends. If I finish early, I reward myself with a couch potato fest of Duck Dynasty.
  • Thursday are so busy-- I rush from work to class then home. Not a lot of time in between, but it definitely makes the day fly by. I look forward to these days primarily for their quickness.
  • Fridays are my favorite! Once 5:30 PM hits, I'm done with my work week and spend my evening either with my girlfriends, date night with the hubby, roommate night out, or a night home just relaxing. Probably the best evening of the week!
So, it's not really that exciting of a post, but I've learned that if there can be things to look forward to each day, it helps make the week go by so much quicker.
I love this mentality especially during those rough type of days or those long feeling type of weeks. 
It just gives me something positive or productive to work on that overall helps me to feel accomplished by the end of the week... well except for Tuesdays, Tuesdays are my relax kind of day because Come On, there's nothing really good about Tuesdays.

The End.

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  1. I have totally gotten hooked on pretty little liars too.. everyone makes fun of me. and yet they leave you hanging at the end of each episode so you can't stop watching!

    1. Oh I know! It's so addictive!!


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